The Manufacturer


Hlavin is a leading international cosmetics manufacturer and exporter -  specializes in the field of “cosmeceuticals” – cosmetics with distinct therapeutic value - which act in harmony with the human body.

A privately owned company Hlavin was founded in 1973 by Dr. Ziska Hlavin after he developed the revolutionary aluminum free deodorant cream and a body lotion in which he succeeded in reproducing the sensual effects of the Spanish fly. Giving the lotion sensual appeal.
He was a visionary, an entrepreneur and a brilliant chemist.  Today Hlavin is still run by his family.Today, the company is managed by the second generation.

Hlavin is committed to quality: 

  • Using CTFA certified ingredients only.
  • Products licensed by and manufactured under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.
  • For nearly a decade, certified as an ISO manufacturer (ISO 9001:2000 standard).
  • As a matter of philosophy and policy, products are not tested on animals nor do they contain animal derivatives. 

Research, Development and Production

Hlavin possesses full in-house capabilities.  Its research laboratories, production facilities and marketing networks enable us to meet any cosmetic-related development or marketing challenge.

  • Two research laboratories;
  • Team of qualified and dedicated researchers.
  • Special emphasis on the development, formulation and production technologies which exploit the benefits of naturally-based, active ingredients achieving optimal concentrations.
  • Combination of folk remedies popular for thousands of years with bio-technological innovations, sophisticated production technologies and modern equipment.

The Result:  Extraordinary para-medical cosmetics and state of the art skin care products, recognized by local health organizations.


The company develops, manufactures and distributes exclusive, high-quality, niche products, some of which bear international patents. All the company's products have been developed, through an awareness of the three skin elements – energy, harmony and proper cell development – required to achieve healthy vital and fresh skin.